It's enough for your car to have trouble with the front and rear glass. A pebble from a car in front of you or your outstanding accounts, and your windshield can experience your worst dream. Yes, we are talking about his damage or even breakage. It is an unpleasant thing, because the windscreens need to be replaced even when it ruptures. And that's why the Prague car glass is here, a company that will help you!

People, trucks and buses, we all get rid of the inconvenience of the glass, which can be damaged in any way. This inconvenience will make you worry about which we get rid of you! At any time of the day, our service is open nonstop! At nice prices, Autosklo Praha will repair, replace, but also provide you with other services that are definitely useful.

Leave it to us!
And that you're tired of walking around insurance companies and handling your insurance events? Carglass Prague knows that, and that's why we'll handle these things for you! We cooperate with most Czech insurance companies and we will gladly save you precious time. Feel free to contact us in your autoglass problem!