New Year’s Eve as you want it

Christmas and celebrations associated with the advent of the new year-these are the days when, in essence, we are expected to behave, eat and enjoy these days in a way. But what if your idea diametrically breaks down what is generally expected? What if you don't like celebrations on the command, out of duty? What if you don't want to spend New Year's Eve with the neighbors who invited you to each other and you don't know how to avoid a joint celebration? Drive them, move from civilization, drive the collective merriest.

Romance, tranquillity
Literally a lifesaving for you will be some of the chalets and cottages that you can choose and rent with us. And know that despite the advanced date they are still up for grabs. Thanks to this, the last evening of the year will be seriously only in your direction, you will be in the middle of nature and if you want, you do not have to see a live in the evening.