Sometimes we think it's useless, because nowadays anything can be bought anywhere, but you're also looking at prices? These are really dizzinty, so for example, mothers on maternity leave can't just put on clothes for their little breasts, so it is very often that clothes are taken only for a certain period of time, and then it inherits or Resells or lends to other mothers. This is from an early age about all the things you have on your baby, but also for young children, who are always in need of something, so then you change your mind if you do not order it in bulk and you have peace for a long time, apart from the fact that you can give something to others or You fold with someone and put it together and create a large order. The coins will then be split and you have been taken for a long time.
Better cases
These are the ones where the money is not dealt with. You have enough of them and so you can always shop quietly even in expensive puty whatever you like. But it can't be anyone, and some moms can't afford it. Sometimes we can buy in big for ourselves, but we usually do. So that's why wholesale clothing.